Need An Upgrade?

If your old pool needs a facelift, then you’ve come to the right place. Wimberley Pools has a team of experts ready to do a complete restoration or remodel that will make your backyard look better than ever.

We can also update your pool’s outdated system so it runs like new and requires less maintenance.

Our company is experienced in many areas of pool renovation and remodeling, including resurfacing, installing new equipment, adding custom lighting and water features, and replacing worn-out tile and decking. If you want to add a new spa, water features, or if your pool just needs a refresh, we’ll be happy to do that, too. Let us turn your backyard into the perfect retreat you’ll never want to leave.

If you have an outdated pool, there’s a good chance it’s not running very efficiently, and might even pose a safety risk. Our team will provide a full pool inspection while paying special attention to the filtration system and drain covers to ensure they meet current safety standards. We’ll also make recommendations for the necessary repairs and upgrades. Even if your pool is a maintenance nightmare now, our experts can transform it into an oasis that only needs a bit of easy-breezy care once a week.