3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting A Saltwater Pool

Saltwater pools are fun, warm, and relaxing. They’re also a great choice if you want to protect the health of your skin and hair. Here are five reasons why you may want to add a saltwater pool to your home:

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting A Saltwater Pool

Saltwater Pools Are Easier to Maintain

The main reason to go with saltwater is that it’s easier to maintain. You won’t need to shock your pool, drain it and vacuum the filter as often or spend hours cleaning chemicals out of the water. All of this makes for a much more relaxing summer swimming experience for you and your family!

Saltwater Pools Have Less Chlorine Than Traditional Pools

Chlorine is a chemical used to kill germs, but it can also harm your health. Chlorine is released into the air when you use chlorinated water in your pool. This chemical irritates the lungs and can cause asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and cancer.

Chlorine harms your pool’s health, and you mustn’t eat or drink any chlorine-contaminated water. Saltwater pools are safe for children because they are free of this potentially deadly chemical. When you choose a saltwater pool, you can be confident that your family will have fun healthily interacting with the water!

Saltwater Pool Water is Better For Your Skin, Hair, and Eyes

Salt water does wonder for the skin. It has an alkaline pH of 7.4, slightly higher than alkaline pH levels found in human body fluids such as urine and saliva. The natural bacteria in your body help keep the pH balanced at around 6.5-7 (pH level). Use a saltwater pool with regularity. You will have less chance of developing rashes or dry skin because more healthy bacteria are present in the water that helps to regulate these issues when they occur.

Saltwater pools also eliminate chlorine’s damaging effects on hair by removing it from the water before it reaches your scalp—a process called chlorination-free filtration system (CFS). This means that no harsh chemicals get into your follicles while swimming! Your hair will be shiny after using a CFS system which makes up part of why people love going swimming so much; they want their locks to look beautiful too!

Learn More about Saltwater Pools with Wimberley Pool & Outdoors

There are many reasons why you may want a saltwater pool. From the lower maintenance requirements to the health benefits, a saltwater pool can be a great addition to your home. If you’re looking for more information on saltwater pools, Wimberley Pool & Outdoors is a great resource. We can help you decide if a saltwater pool is right for you and walk you through installing one in your home. Contact us today to learn more!

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