Rectangular or Free Form Pool?

When planning for your swimming pool design, it is vital to decide whether the shape of the pool should be rectangular or free form based on your budget and the size of your yard. Which design is ideal for your backyard? Let’s take a look!

Rectangle or Free Form Pool?

Rectangular Pools

Rectangular pools have been a timeless choice that appeals to most property owners. The pool’s width falls between eight and ten feet in many cases. 

Advantages of Having a Rectangular Pool

 1. Through their enough swimming area and wide-open swim lanes, swimmers get an uninterrupted length of water which is perfect for laps. 

 2. With smooth edges that are less prone to entrap grime and debris, cleaning rectangular pools is very easy.

 3. The installation process involved is pretty straightforward; therefore, you will save time and money. 


 1. Costly

Since rectangular swimming pools add more feet to the perimeter, they typically add to the final cost. 

 2. Inflexible

In addition to being a bit pricier than the free-form pools, they also need more of the square footage of your yard. If there are items that fall into the pool’s path, they will have to be removed. There is no way around it. 

Free Form Pools

Free form pools are often constructed of concrete or vinyl and have curvilinear, free-flowing forms. They are commonly used when the space available doesn’t require to be in a geometric design. There are two main types of free form pool design: 

  •  Kidney pool shape
  •  Figure-8 pool design

Benefits of Having a Free Form Pool

 1. Free form pools incorporate and enhance your backyard’s landscape as they beautifully accommodate the existing yard features. 

 2. The aesthetic free form pools add value to your home and ultimately puts more cash in your pocket when you decide to sell it. 

 3. They are ideal for relaxing and lounging.


 1. Free form pools are not ideal for smaller yards since they take up more space per square foot.

 2. Free form pools are not the best option for swimming- the contours are specifically for relaxation. 

The decision comes down to your budget, the space in your backyard, and what you want to use your pool for. Whatever you decide, our Wimberley Pools & Spas staff will help design and install your ideal swimming pool in your backyard. Contact us today to schedule a design meeting for your dream pool.

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